Sound Forge Audio Studio

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12.0

Provides sound professionals the necessary tools to record and process music
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Simplifies the way music is recorded and provides professional tools to modify it. It supports effects through the Sound Design technique and post production. Built-in waveform analyzer makes editing much easier.

Sony’s Sound Forge Audio Studio is a powerful audio editor. Fast, effective and intuitive, it can be used by both amateurs and professionals. If you feel that something is missing, you can use your favorite VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug-ins that integrate seamlessly with the program.

Because the interface is clean and simple, editing your audio projects will be easy. The upper menu is straightforward, meaning you won’t lose any time trying to search for an effect or an audio processor. The tool panel is preset to show you only the essentials, the icons used are intuitive, the volume meters don’t get in the way and zooming in and out on your audio files is easily done just by using the scroll of your mouse or the “+”/”-“ signs.

You will find the usual sound effects, such as reverb, delay and chorus but also some interesting ones like stutter or resonance filter. In the “Process” menu you will find the essential sound processors. You will notice that the audio editing tools are not many but you will find all the basics. The reason for this may be the intention of the developers to have a clean and customizable program, so that each user can personalize it according to his/her needs.

Features, such as extracting audio from a CD, burning an audio track, restoring poor quality audio or a Vocal Eraser are also present and can be of help in many situations. The Vocal Eraser, for example, can be used for fun if you want to have a night of karaoke with your friends and can’t find the instrumental of your favorite song. You just open up your favorite song, use the mentioned tool and the vocals are (almost) gone.

Overall, Sound Forge Audio Studio is a very good audio editor and you can hardly find any flaws to it. Also, when it comes to sound, in general, Sony seems to know what it’s doing.

Alice Blest
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  • Simple, clean and intuitive interface
  • Fast processing
  • Customizable


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